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Creating Financial Mobility Opportunities

Our Mobility Initiative is a multifaceted effort aimed to empower and enrich local communities through financial education and resources. We also use community partnerships to create opportunities for social, travel and financial mobility. This initiative includes two initial programs that leverage GM Financial’s proximity to – and engagement with – today’s consumer, as well as our own financial services expertise and resources.

Cool Cars for Remarkable Kids

GM Financial has a long history of commitment and service to the Ronald McDonald House. Families staying at the Ronald McDonald House typically travel far from home for specialized medical care for their sick children. The Cool Cars for Remarkable Kids program facilitates the use of low-mileage vehicles to these families.  Visit our news release hub and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn more.

KEYS® by GM Financial

KEYS® by GM Financial helps bridge the financial literacy gap in communities across North America by empowering mobility for consumers at every skill level. This program offers resources needed to better manage money, understand credit and navigate the dealership experience. If you are a community organization interested in learning more about live KEYS training events, contact

KEYS Articles

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Kelly Schaefer Hill / September 14, 2020 /

Being unprepared in an emergency can leave you feeling helpless. We’ve broken down emergency planning to help you lead the pack.

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A Financial Survival Guide to Job Loss

Lori Tutt / September 08, 2020 /

Financial hardship due to job loss is never easy. Here are six practical steps that may help you manage it with confidence.

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