Question Why did I receive a Wear and Tear invoice if I purchased the XS Wear Product?

The XS Wear Product has protection limits and exclusions. Please review the XS Wear Schedule included with your lease documents. If you have any questions please reach out to a GM Financial Customer Experience Advocate, they will be happy to assist. 

Question Will I receive a refund or credit on the kilometres I have not used?

GM Financial does not provide a refund or credit for unused lease permitted kilometres or monthly total permitted kilometres. 

Question What are the payment options for the invoice I received at end of lease?

GM Financial offers various other repayment options. Please see instructions below to take advantage of any of these options:

  1. Pre-authorized debit – Our GM Financial Customer Experience Advocate would be happy to arrange a pre-authorized debit at your convenience for any end of lease charges. Please reach out to discuss your options.

  2. Online banking: If your preferred bank offers bill payment with GM Financial, you can pay via online banking. To check to see if this is an available option for you, simply search for ‘GM Financial’ as Payee under bill payment options and enter your 12-digit account number and amount.

  3. Western Union:

    Form:                        Quick Collect
    Pay to:                       GM Financial Canada Lease
    Code City:                 GMFCANLEASE
    Account Number:     Your 12-digit GM Financial account number

    Please note that Western Union has a fee that applies for this service. We recommend you check with your local Western Union location to confirm.

  4. Mail: Cheque / Bank Draft / Money Order made payable to ‘GM Financial’. Please include your account number and indicate that the payment is for “End of Lease charges”. GM Financial’s mailing address is 2001 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 600,Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4ZB 

Question How can I tell what is normal wear and tear on my vehicle?

Visit to learn more about normal wear and tear on your vehicle. 

Question If I moved, do I have to return my vehicle to the original dealership?

No, you can return your leased vehicle to any local GM dealership by booking an appointment. 

Question Will I be charged additional payments if my vehicle is not returned on the exact expiry date?

Yes, you could be charged additional payments if your vehicle is returned late. Please contact your GM dealership to arrange the vehicle return by the lease end date or a GM Financial Customer Experience Advocate who can assist you with your specific circumstances.