The Graduate Lease

The Graduate Lease. The Right Vehicle.

Just Graduated?

Graduating from university marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another one.
A new direction, a new career and a new experiences are on the road ahead, and you'll need reliable transportation to get there. With so many potential paths to take, getting into a new vehicle can be easier than you think.

Graduate Lease 101

GM Financial is proud to offer The Graduate Lease
program, designed to help recent graduates qualify
for financing for a new GM vehicle. Here are some
of the perks:

  • No previous credit experience? No problem.1
  • Available for 36- or 48-month leases.2
  • No cash down payment is required.
  • Vehicle lease payment, including taxes, cannot exceed 25% of gross monthly income.

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Here's what you'll need

  • Proof of graduation from University3
  • Proof of current employment or employment start date before first lease payment is due
  • Annual income amount
  • Description employment type

  1. All applications received are subject to final approval by GM Financial. Those with prior derogatory history reporting may not be considered for approval.
  2. Subject to the applicant debt servicing.
  3. Minimum two-year diploma from an accredited community college, or a three-year degree from an accredited university. The Graduate Lease is available for up to two years from the date of graduation.

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