Auto Pay
This account is currently enrolled in Auto Pay.
  1. Print the Pre-Authorized Debit Plan form and complete the requested information.
    Debit Plan Form (PDF)
  2. Complete the form’s requested information.
  3. If mailing, please staple a current check to the form (write void on both sides)
    If faxing or emailing, scan the form with both sides of the check showing
  4. Sign the form and mail, fax or email the documents to:
    Fax: {{phone.payment-options-autopay}}
  • If you need help at anytime while completing the form, please call a customer service representitive at 1-800-284-2271.
  • Once your Pre-Authorized Debit Plan application is recieved and approved, we will process it and set up the payment to be automatically deducted from your account on your scheduled due date.
Please note:
This process takes a minimum of 10 days to complete. Please be aware that you may have a payment due before the first automatic transfer take place. If this is the case, please make that payment manually to prevent any possibile late fees.