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Leadership Team | Careers | GM Financial
Howard Cobham Img

Howard Cobham

Executive Vice President

Robert Coulman Img

Robert Coulman

Vice President of Finance

Mark Fyfe Img

Mark Fyfe

Vice President, Funding and Office Services

Carolyn Terzievski Img

Carolyn Terzievski

Vice President of Credit and Risk Management

Greg Murchison Img

Greg Murchison

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

John Paonessa Img

John Paonessa

Vice President of Remarketing Solutions

Craig Stickney Img

Craig Stickney

Vice President of Program and Customer Management

Vincent Woffenden Img

Vincent Woffenden

Vice President of Commercial Lending Services

Leadership Team | Careers | GM Financial
Daniel E. Berce Img

Daniel E. Berce

President and Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Casto

Stephanie Casto

Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer

Doug Clyma

Douglas Clyma

Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Risk Officer

Connie Coffey Img

Connie Coffey

Executive Vice President, Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

Chris A. Choate Img

Richard A. Gokenbach

Executive Vice President and Treasurer

Doug Johnson Img

Doug Johnson

Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

Michael Kanarios img

Michael Kanarios

Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Lesa Powell Img

Lesa Powell

Senior Vice President and Chief Auditor

Susan Sheffield Img

Susan Sheffield

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Randy Hanna

Randy Hanna

Executive Vice President and Global Chief Technology Officer

Erik Haven

Erik Haven

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Leadership Team | Careers | GM Financial
Kyle Birch Img

Kyle Birch

President of North America Operations

Scott Dishman IMG

Scott Dishman

Executive Vice President, Servicing

Jonas Hollandsworth Img

Jonas Hollandsworth

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer – North America

Jimmy Vance img

Jimmy Vance

Executive Vice President and Chief Pricing and Analytics Officer

Will Stacy

Will Stacy

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

Leadership Team | Careers | GM Financial
Rafael Amoros Img

Rafael E. Amoros

President of International Operations

Rodrigo Lopes Img

Rodrigo Lopes

Executive Vice President, Mexico and Peru

Enrique Mendoza Img

Enrique Mendoza

Executive Vice President, China, Chief Operating Officer, SAIC-GMAC

Bob Neaton Img

Bob Neaton

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Gabriela Rosende Img

Gabriela Rosende

Executive Vice President, Customer Experience

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