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Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare for lease end and get the answers you need.

Deposit and fees

Messaging is a convenient online connection to our Customer Experience team. You can initiate a messaging session by clicking the option in MyAccount online and in the GM Financial Mobile app for Android and iOS. During business hours, you will be connected to someone who can help you get the information you need. At the end of your session, a transcript of the online conversation will be saved for 13 months and available to you in MyAccount. The messaging function is available in MyAccount for mobile and desktop, as well as GM Financial Mobile, for a seamless experience across all platforms.

Go to or the GM Financial Mobile app for Android and iOS to create a User ID and Password. You will need your account number, which can be found on your welcome packet or billing statement, as well as the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Keep in mind that while your User ID is not case-sensitive, your Password must be entered exactly as you created it. Watch our brief video for step-by-step directions on how to register for MyAccount.

There are a few things you need to know to manage your account. As a new customer, you can sign up for MyAccount after receiving your welcome letter. Learn more here.

We have several payment options to fit your needs, including the ability to pay online or by mail, phone or credit card. To make a payment or set up auto pay, log in to or use the GM Financial Mobile app for Android and iOS. Online payments made with a bank account are free. Debit payments may incur a fee. GM Financial does not accept payments made in person.    

You have two options for setting up monthly payments. You can set up auto pay online by logging in to  or use GM Financial Mobile. 

Once you enroll, auto pay goes into effect immediately and can be changed or canceled any time through MyAccount.    

Customers (excluding commercial customers) also have the option to sign up for auto pay by mail. Keep in mind that the auto pay mail enrollment process will take approximately one billing cycle to complete.

You can find payoff details by logging in to or the GM Financial Mobile app for Android and iOS. You can also contact our Customer Experience team at 1-800-284-2271.     

Any overage or extra payments on an account should be refunded within 30 days.

Simple interest is an interest accrual method. Interest accrues on a daily basis on the unpaid principal balance. The interest charge is always based on the principal balance, so interest on interest is not charged. Learn more about simple interest.

Log in to or the GM Financial Mobile app for Android and iOS to update your profile settings. By updating your preferences, you will be notified when your billing statement is available online. Paperless billing is available to most lease customers.  

To request benefits, you can send GM Financial official military notification that includes your name and active duty date. Any of the following will be accepted:

  • A copy of the active duty orders, including but not limited to individual orders or active duty orders
  • A letter from your commanding officer on military letterhead
  • Some form of official notification

Please send active duty notification to the GM Financial Customer Experience team.


U.S. Regular Mail: 
GM Financial 
Attn: SCRA 
P.O. Box 183581 
Arlington, TX 76096-3581


U.S. Overnight: 
GM Financial 
Attn: SCRA 
4000 Embarcadero Drive 
Arlington, TX 76014

Excess wear and use

When you file a petition for bankruptcy, federal law prohibits GM Financial from attempting to collect on an account that existed at the time of filing, absent permission from the Bankruptcy Court. GM Financial will place your account in bankruptcy status. All statements will cease as we are not permitted to send billing statements to customers involved in an active bankruptcy case. Automatic or recurring payments on the account will also cease.

If you have filed for bankruptcy and would like to surrender your vehicle, please call 1-877-203-5538. You will need your account number and your bankruptcy case number.

A Reaffirmation Agreement is an agreement between a creditor and debtor(s) who has filed bankruptcy stating that the debtor(s) will honor the terms of the initial contract initiated with the creditor.

You are not required to sign a Reaffirmation Agreement. However, by executing a Reaffirmation Agreement with GM Financial, you will resume receiving monthly statements on your account, be able to access your account via our website, make payments via that website and be eligible for deferments on your account, once your case has been discharged.

Not all services are available to customers who have been discharged in a bankruptcy case but not reaffirmed their debt with GM Financial. If you wish to reaffirm your debt with GM Financial, a Reaffirmation Agreement must be signed – by you, your attorney and GM Financial – and filed in a timely manner with the Bankruptcy Court. If you are not represented by bankruptcy counsel, the Bankruptcy Court must approve the Reaffirmation Agreement before it is a valid, binding agreement. It is your responsibility to obtain such approval.

GM Financial urges you to discuss your obligations as a debtor in bankruptcy with your bankruptcy attorney. Account terms are not modified in a Reaffirmation Agreement with GM Financial.

Upon the entry of a discharge order in a Chapter 12 or 13 bankruptcy case, GM Financial is prohibited from making collection efforts on any debt that was discharged. Depending on the GM Financial arrangements made under the plan of reorganization approved by the bankruptcy court, GM Financial may be required to release its security interest upon the entry of the discharge. Or, its security interest in the collateral on the account remains and GM Financial retains its state law and contractual rights to protect such interest. You should discuss these alternatives with your bankruptcy attorney.

Customers in bankruptcy will not receive monthly statements, but you do have the option to pay online by logging in to or the GM Financial Mobile app for Android and iOS. You also have the option to pay by phone, pay with cash, or mail in a check or money order. If your account is in a repossession status, you will not be able to pay online.

Please note that GM Financial is not attempting to collect a debt by allowing access to these options.

Additional information

You can obtain important account information by contacting Customer Experience at 1-855-501-5563.

Lease customers should log in to or contact Customer Experience at 1-800-369-5212.

You can obtain an account summary by contacting Customer Experience at 1-800-369-5212. Lease customers should call Customer Experience at 1-855-501-5563.

You can ask for your account to be reviewed for due date change eligibility by contacting Customer Experience at 1-855-501-5563. Lease customers should contact Customer Experience at 1-800-369-5212.



If you have a lease with us, the easiest way to change your address or phone number is to log in to and update your profile information. If you would like to change your information offline, contact Customer Experience at 1-800-369-5212.

If you do not have a lease, please contact Customer Experience at 1-855-501-5563.

Combined billing statements are only available if you do not have a lease. Contact Customer Experience at 1-855-501-5563 for more information.

If you have filed bankruptcy, please contact Customer Experience at 1-877-203-5538. Lease customers should call 1-800-369-5212.

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